Power your healthcare claims payments with accuracy and speed

Our partnership with Zelis Payments replaces dated paper-based payment processes with electronic ones that deliver increased efficiency while decreasing overhead.

Speed up and reduce the cost of managing payments with Zelis Payments:

  • Experience choice on how your payments and 835s are received
  • Save days to weeks in processing time with our ACH or Virtual Card solutions
  • Explore our best in class provider portal - giving you access to payments from multiple payers and up to 10 years of historical data
  • Easily reconcile payments by matching billed versus paid

Our goal – to provide your business with payments peace of mind – freeing up resources so you can spend more time with your patients.

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Discover what works best for your business:

Zelis ACH
With ACH, you get paid weeks faster than by mailed check. No more costly manual processes and workarounds. Zelis simplifies administrative work so employees can focus their efforts more effectively. You can manage all your payment information in our easy-to-use provider portal. Improve visibility with 24/7 access to 10 years of payments history by claim or patient as well as previously downloaded remittance files. 700K+ providers already trust Zelis to handle their payment transactions.
Zelis ACH allows the choice of what works best for your business:
  • 835 or Explanation of Payments (EOP) are available in CSV, XLS, or PDF formats
  • Receive remittances by secure download, secure FTP or secure email

Zelis Virtual Card
We’ve partnered with Mastercard to provide secure, card-based payments. Simply enter the virtual card number into your card terminal and you’re done. Forget about wasted time from fixing errors. In the provider portal, you can quickly investigate payments history by claim or patient up to 10 years back. Print or download data in whichever format you prefer (835, CSV, XLS, or PDF). With 330 payers instead of just one, we have an ever-growing network to help you get your money fast.
Delivery Options:
  • Fax containing the Explanation of Payment (EOP), virtual card information and payments instructions
  • One fax represents one claim payment. Secure Download includes a CSV file with virtual card numbers and EOP PDFs

Why Enroll in Zelis Payments?

Shortened Revenue Cycle
Get paid faster with ACH or virtual card.
Easy Reconciliation
Consolidate payments to one location. Receive one error-free 835 file for all payers. Match what you billed with what you paid.
More Choices
Payment & delivery options that match your workflow. Get paid by multiple payers and payment methods.
Exceptional Service
Dedicated service for data, fraud monitoring, clearinghouse and bank assistance. Our NPS proves it.
Market Leading Provider Portal
Easy to user – turnkey app. Gain full control and transparency on data and payments
Simplified Process
Reduced back office work and eliminate payment re-routing with smart routing. Automate settlement and re-association.